Promoting Preservation

Promoting Preservation

Excavations at the Prudence Crandall House, October 2020

Office of State Archaeology

The Office of State Archaeology (OSA) was established by state legislation to identify, manage, and preserve Connecticut’s archaeological resources. Toward this end OSA works with developers and municipal officials, Native American communities, avocational and professional archaeologists, and academics to provide research support and technical information concerning the archaeological heritage of Connecticut. OSA also coordinates with the State Historic Preservation Office to maintain the state’s archaeological site files for researchers and Cultural Resource Management specialists. OSA is the official repository for the State’s collection of over 500,000 anthropological and archaeological artifacts, and is responsible for its continued conservation and curation for future generations. The State Archaeologist is an extension professor at the University of Connecticut and plays an ongoing role in educational programming for student, professional and lay audiences through the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and the Department of Anthropology.  The state archaeologist also sits on the State Historic Preservation Council that awards SHPO-funded grants toward the preservation of Connecticut’s rich historical heritage.

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