Hollister Site Artifacts & Features – 2021

Dutch pipe stem from the South Cellar

Dutch Majolica from the South Cellar

Iconographic (or Jesuit) ring from the South Cellar

17th-century Indigenous Pottery from South Cellar

Late 17th-century trifid spoon handle from metal detector survey

Rolled brass projectile point from metal-detecor survey

Feature 34 in plan

Feature 34 profile

Feature 34 excavated

Feature 35, likely pre-colonial period Indigenous roasting platform

Feature 35 in profile

East cellar excavations

East cellar profile

Delft sherd & Indigenous projectile point, East cellar

Profile of Feature 38, South cellar entrance

Soil stain from wooden step in Fea. 38

Feature 68, concentration of fire-cracked rock adjacent to South Cellar

Feature 70, circular pit adjacent to South Cellar