Artifacts & Features from the 2022 Field Season

Molded Staffordshire sherds

Rhennish Stoneware

17th-century blue & gray Rhennish stoneware
Kaolin pipe bowls from the Middle Cellar
English Delftware from the top of the Middle Cellar
Dutch Earthenware sherd from the Middle Cellar

Drilled steatite fragment

Drilled soapstone fragment. This may be part of the earlier Indigenous occupation of the site.

Projectile points from the plowzone

Indigenous projectile points of quartz and chert

White glass trade bead

This tubular white glass trade bead has a green interior.

Worked Brass Kettle Fragment

Worked fragment of a 17th-century brass kettle

Scrap brass

Fragments of scrap brass found during metal detector survey

European flint tools

These two pieces of English flint were fashioned into tools.


Wampum beads and products of wampum manufacture

Wampum beads, an iron muxe (drill), whetstones and snapped quahog shell fragments, and a whelk shell missing the columella, all recovered from a single soil layer in the Middle Cellar,

Middle Cellar Profile

Middle Cellar Profile

Excavation of Feature 68

Excavation of Fea. 68

Bisection of Feature 68

Feature 68 in profile

Excavation of Feature 70

Excavation of Fea. 70, a circular pit adjacent to the South Cellar

Feature 70 in profile

Profile of Feature 70

Daub from Fea. 70

Fragment of shell-tempered daub from Feature 70